Photo report: Denmark, feed mill and premix plant

22-12-2009 | |

Many Danish feed companies nowadays apply techniques to create pig feed that is digested slowly and more evenly. Using rolled barley in this process is one of the solutions to reach that goal, Vincent ter Beek, editor for Pig Progress, found out.

He went to Vestjyllands Andel, which is a feed mill in the western part of Danish Jutland, headquartered in the town of Ringkøbing. The company, part of the Danish cooperative DLA Agro, emerged five years as the result of takeovers and has three locations in the area, in total employing 110 people
You can view his photo report HERE.
Premix plant
In the autumn of 2009, Danish premix manufacturer Vitfoss added a new bulk premix terminal to its complex adjacent to the company’s headquarters in Graasten, Denmark. Pig Progress editor Vincent ter Beek also had a look into the facility.
Vitfoss is part of the Danish DLG and manufactures premixes (e.g. minerals, vitamins) for several livestock species, among others pigs, poultry, horses, sheep and cattle. DLG’s premixes division, with plants in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Poland and Russia, had an annual turnover of €220 million in 2008
You can view the photo report of Vitfoss HERE.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed