Raisio Feed’s new plant serves dairy district

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Raisio Feed’s new feed plant at Ylivieska in Finland was officially opened on 23rd June 2008. It will safeguard the future and continual development of Finland’s most important milk production area, and provide the area’s farmers with a new and reliable customer.

Ylivieska, situatied about 500 km north of the capital Helsinki, was chosen
as the place for the new plant on account of its central location from the point
of view of livestock production.

Half of Finland’s milk and beef is
produced in the delivery area of the plant, and livestock farms there consume
about one quarter of all feed mix manufactured in Finland. The location is also
excellent as far as road and rail connections are concerned and the nearest port
is not too far away.

“Investment in the extremely efficient plant was
approximately of €20 million. The plant directly employs eight people, but its
indirect impact is significant. Feed is produced in three shifts”, says Leif
Liedes, Vice President of the Feed & Malt Division.

Cattle and
rein deer feed
The plant produces a comprehensive range of mixes for
cows, beef cattle and reindeer. The feed is delivered to the farms in bulk. At
the beginning of next year, the product range will expand to include pig feed.

The annual production capacity of the highly automated plant will be
140,000 tonnes of feed. For this, about 50,000 tonnes of feed grain will be
required every year from local farmers. Crushed rapeseed will be delivered from
the group’s own vegetable oil plant in Raisio.

material deliveries have been automated, so that the drivers and goods suppliers
receive an SMS message or e-mail, when the plant needs some raw materials.
Automation is also being utilised in the loading of ready mixes. In the
production process, pellet quality is monitored with on-line measuring, so a
separate report on PDI is produced for each batch. The production process at
Ylivieska, just as at all other Raisio Feed plants, uses long-term steam
conditioning and pelleting.

Half of Finland’s production
With this new plant, the total capacity of Raisio Feed’s
factories is rising to 600,000 tonnes, which represents almost half of all the
feed mix produced annually in Finland. The current market share is approximately
40%. Raisio Feed Ltd is part of the Feed & Malt Division, which is the
largest division in the Raisio Group, as far as turnover is concerned. In
addition to the feed business, this division also includes vegetable oil and
malt businesses, grain trade and seed units.

Raisio is a forerunner and
specialist in plant-based nutrition with leading brands. The company developes,
produces and markets foods and functional food ingredients, feeds and malts.
Turnover in 2007 was € 422 million. Number of employees is 1,100.

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