Rapid analysis prediction of available energy in feed grains

20-07-2009 | |

Australian research work has been completed obtaining data on the available energy content of a range of feed grains fed to swine, broiler chickens and cattle.


Calibrations have been developed near infra-red (NIR) technology and are now being used in Australia to determine available energy content of grains.

The technology provides a low cost and rapid analysis method, allowing feed manufacturers to fine tune feed formulations and the marketing of feed grains based upon their energy content. 
John Spragg, AusScan Program Manager, Pork Co-operative Research Centre (Pork CRC), Australia, will detail the livestock feeding research that has been completed and the commercial application of the technology for the feed industry in a talk at the FIAAP Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.
Data will be presented on the variation that naturally occurs in feed grains and how different grains are better suited for each livestock species.
Spragg will also discuss the link between grain physical and chemical characteristics and its available energy content.
Other presentations will discuss the options and benefits of bacterial control in feed production and processing, how to extract the full value from raw material evaluation, trace mineral quality challenges and how to protect business, fishmeal supply and demand and sodium benzoate as an acidifier for pigs.
The FIAAP Conference is an integral part of Victam Asia 2010, the feed and grain industry trade show taking place in Bangkok March 3-5, 2010.
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Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed