Rodi Petfood company files for bankruptcy

09-10-2009 | |

Pet food manufacturer Rodi Petfood Nettetal GmbH in Leuth, Germany has gone into bankruptcy affecting jobs for 70 employees.

Bankruptcy was filed for all three entities, Rodi, Rodi Petfood and Rodi Petfood Nettetal. Trustee lawyer Peter Houben said “The aim is to start producing again.”
In February Spanish Grupo Dibaq took a 80% interest in the Dutch Rodi Group. The remaining 20% shares are still with the founders of Rodi.
Origins of the production facility date back to 1963, when the company Trouw (later Milkivit) settled in the town of Leuth.
Before the Dutch Rodi Petfood Group took over the plant had produced pet food for Nestlé food.
Rodi makes pet food under its own labels Smölke for the Dutch market as well as Rodi (snacks and reward products) and the premium product TechniCal as well as private labels for discounters.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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