Satake completes feed mill in Queensland, Australia

14-07-2009 | |

Satake Australia recently completed a new feed milling facility for Woods Stockfeeds, Goondiwindi, Queensland, Australia reports WorldGrain.

Satake Australia supplied the overall design for the plant, which features both roller and hammer milling for the feed preparation, automated weighing and micro-ingredients addition, mixing, pelleting, bulk outloading and bag packing.
The mill is completely automated and operates from a single touch-screen interface.
An unusual and innovative feature of the plant is its ability to produce pellets and mash simultaneously. At full capacity, the plant can produce pellets at 15 tph and mash at 30 tph.
Commenting on the project, Andrew Mullen, Satake’s feed milling sales manager, said: "Our brief was to build not only one of the most modern feed mills in Australia, but also one of the most flexible. The plant has now been operating for around six months and is able to deliver a continuous supply of top quality feed for the Australian market."
Satake said the feed mill complements Woods other businesses, which include grain export, seed cleaning, drying, transport and chickpea splitting.




Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed

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