Schauer awarded gold medal at EuroTier

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The Austrian animal equipment company of Schauer was awarded a EuroTier gold medal on Tuesday night for its innovation ‘Argus Welfare System’, for use in pig production.

The innovation is basically a sensor system, that allows producers to identify pigs’ individual position, using a hand-held computer.

This is used to feed animals in line with need in the compident demand feed station, select them and analyse their typical or possibly atypical group behaviour for improved animal control.

This prize was awarded by the new agricultural minister Ilse Aigner, who assumed office in the end of October of this year.

More gold medallists
Apart from this gold medal, another three gold medals were awarded, for a slatted floor cleaner by German cleaning equipment company Westermann, a system for counting eggs with weight identification by German animal equipment manufacturer Big Dutchman and an automatic feeding system by Dutch company Schuitemaker. In addition, 13 silver medals have been awarded.

The prize winners had already been made public in October. A full list can be found here or at

Record number of exhibitors
The show records a record number of exhibitors this year. A total of 1,764 exhibitors are taking part in the exhibition, joined by 44 additional representing firms. Altogether, exhibitors from 46 different countries are present, together making up 41% of the total.

Two years ago, the total number of exhibitors was 1,488. The show, held in Hanover, Germany, will last until Friday, November 14th.

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