Seed developer DuPont partners with Evogene

02-12-2011 | |

Seed developer DuPont has formed a research partnership with biotech company Evogene to develop a strain of soybeans that are resistant to soybean rust.

DuPont said the partnership will last several years, although it did not specify how long. Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed. 
DuPont said the research with Evogene will focus on soybean rust, a fungal pest that can wipe out 80% of affected soybean fields. Soybean rust is estimated to cost farmers $1.5 billion annually in lost soybeans.
Evogene is based in Rehovot, Israel, and focuses on developing new traits to insert into commercial crops such as corn and soybeans.
DuPont is competing against biotech seed developer Monsanto Co. to release new strains of engineered crops. DuPont owns Pioneer Hi-Bred, an old-line seed company that is Monsanto’s biggest US competitor.

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