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Sign up now for Future Farming seminars. Photo: Shutterstock
Sign up now for Future Farming seminars. Photo: Shutterstock

The use of sensors for animals, big data in farming and innovative insights on how to farm today and in the future – to learn more about all these exciting topics visit our Proagrica Future Farming theatre at the GFIA (May 9-10).

The Proagrica Future Farming theatre is part of the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA), which will be held from 9-10 May 2017 at the Jaarbeurs Expo Centre in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

At the Proagrica Future Farming Theatre, future farming insights will be shared in the fields of dairy, pig and poultry farming, horticulture and arable farming. The editors of Proagrica brands will moderate the sessions. Admission to the GFIA exhibition and the Proagrica Future Farming Theatre is free, so sign up now to reserve your seat! All attendees will also get the first magazine edition of our new brand Future Farming!


Future Farming Horti

  • 10.30 Welcome
    presented by Jan Vullings, Editor in chief Boerderij & Groenten&Fruit
  • 10.40 The future of farming; emancipation of the plant
    presented by Dr. Marc Kreuger, Global head of Innovation at Here, There and Everywhere
  • 11.05 How we grow food in the nearby future
    presented by Mike Vermeij, CEO, Co-Owner at Bom Group Greenhouse Projects
  • 11.30 Gene activity measurements for agriculture; the future has already started
    presented by Peter Balk, Chief Technology Officer at NSure BV

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Future Farming Pigs

  • 13.00 Welcome
    presented by Vincent ter Beek, Editor in chief Pig Progress 
  • 13.10 Early warning systems for disease detection in pigs
    presented by Jürgen Vangeyte, Scientific Director Agricultural Engineering at ILVO
  • 13.45 How to secure the crush margin by hedging the feed costs
    presented by Bart Teuwen, DLV MAS

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Future Farming Poultry

  • 10.30 Welcome
    presented by Fabian Bröckotter, Editor in chief Poultry World 
  • 10.40 Data-driven decisions over the intuition approach
    presented by Sergio Guerra, Manager of Technical Systems at Aviagen
  • 11.05 Illuminating The Rhythm of LifeTM, with Xiant PAWsTM technology
    presented by Daren Suntych, CEO and founder at Xiant Technologies, Inc.
  • 11.30 Solar powered poultry house ventilation
    presented by Jens Dybdahl, Managing Direcor atDACS A/S

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Future Farming Crops

  • 12.30 Welcome
    presented by Geert Hekkert, Editor in chief Boerderij 
  • 12.40 Big Data and Smart Farming
    presented by Sjaak Wolfert, Sr. Scientist Information Management & ICT in Agri-Food at Wageningen University & Research
  • 13.05 A new and smart way for potato production
    presented by Jurgen Decloedt, Business Development Remote Sensing atVITO
  • 13.30 Getting the maximum value of the harvest: use of sensors
    presented by Altjo Medema, Sales Manager Dacom
  • 13.55 How to use data to optimise agribusiness and food chains
    presented by Jérémie Wainstain, CEO The Green Data

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Future Farming Dairy

  • 15.00 Welcome
    presented by Emmy Koeleman, Editor in chief Dairy Global 
  • 15.10 Smart ways for young stock rearing
    presented by Siert-Jan Boersema, veterinarian at Jongveecoach
  • 15.35 Precision livestock farming for dairy: how sensors can help
    presented by Vivi M. Thorup, Data analyst at IceRobotics
  • 16.00 Use of sensors in dairy farms: is it economic?
    presented by Henk Hogeveen, Professor Animal Health Management, Business Economic Group, Wageningen UR

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor