Special feed additive conference at Victam

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Special feed additive conference at Victam

In 2011 the FIAAP Conference comes to Europe in partnership with the newly formed European Feed Technology Center, EUFETEC.

Recognizing the need for specialist information, the FIAAP Conference was launched in 2008 as part of Victam’s new event for feed additives and Ingredients. 
EUFETEC, is a new organization that unites European animal feed manufacturers, academia and researchers in a common vision for the sector.
Founding members are: 
  • Belgian feed manufacturers’ association, BEMEFA ,
  • European animal feed manufacturers’ federation, FEFAC; 
  • Spanish feed manufacturers’ association, CESFAC ;  
  • Belgian feed additive manufacturers’ association, FRANA (with   the EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures, FEFANA);
  • French centre for feed technology, TECALIMAN,France;
  • Wageningen UR Livestock Research, The Netherlands;  
  • Hogeschool Gent / Ghent University / Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO), Belgium);
  • Institute for Food Technology (FINS), Serbia; 
  • University of Piacenza, ISAN, Italy; and
  • University of Nottingham, UK.
More organizations will be included as EUFETEC develops its activities.
Animal feed ingredients and additives comprise a vast and growing array of options for the feed producer. They open up new possibilities for meeting the needs of efficient and sustainable livestock production, the expectations of farmers and they can provide competitive edge for the feed miller.
On the other hand, negotiating the torrent of claims and counter-claims for the latest ‘magic bullet’ – not to mention the complexities of national and international regulations, can be more than the mill nutritionist or formulator has the time or resources to deal with.
EUFETEC’s aim is to initiate and coordinate a European response to major challenges in areas such as sustainable feed and environment, feed and food quality and safety, and production unit management.
Provisional conference program
The FIAAP Conference will provide an opportunity for interaction between industry, research institutes and academia. 
The program will offer insights into current feed hygiene and safety issues, regulation, and specific ingredients, by members of EUFETEC and industry.
  • Welcome and introduction – Gert van Duinkerken; Wageningen UR Livestock Research, the Netherlands; representing the European Feed Technology Center EUFETEC, EU
  • Feed safety: a whole chain approach – Johan den Hartog, GMP+ International, the Netherlands
  • Monitoring at a sector level for undesirable substances in the premixtures and compound feed industry: principles and practical experience in Belgium – Erik Hoeven, BEMEFA, Belgium
  • Cross contamination in the compound feed industry; Directive 2009/8/EC  – (Fabrice Putier; TECALIMAN, France and Thomas van der Poel; Wageningen University, the Netherlands (TBC)
  • Nutritional value of wheat DDGS for ruminants, pigs and poultry – Johan De Boever, ILVO, Belgium
  • Feed processing effects on bioavailability of Lysine – Thomas van der Poel, Wageningen University, the Netherlands and Paul Bikker, Wageningen UR Livestock Research, the Netherlands (TBC)
  • The potential for organic trace minerals to improve animal health and reduce environmental impact of animal production systems – David Parker and Alain Bourdonnais, Novus Europe, Belgium
Online registration at the conference website www.feedconferences.com is required to secure your place and early sign-up is strongly recommended.
‘Early Bird’ registration offers substantial discounts, and delegates can also benefit from group rates (for three or more) and combined registration with the Aquafeed Horizons and/or GRAPAS Conference.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed