Staples honored with dairy nutrition award

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Dr. Charles R. Staples, Ph.D., a dairy cattle nutrition expert, has been recognized for his professional achievements by the American Dairy Science Association. Staples is a professor in the Animal Sciences Department at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

The Dairy Nutrition Research Award was presented to
Staples during a ceremony in Indianapolis, Ind., on July 9. The award is
sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association, as part of its continuing
awards program that dates to 1948.

Staples is nationally and
internationally recognized for his research in both basic and applied ruminant
dairy nutrition. A central focus of his research has been developing information
on the influence of dietary fat, protein, vitamins and minerals on production,
immunity and reproductive performance of lactating dairy cows. This research has
enhanced understanding of how nutrients may influence dairy cow performance and

Another important element of Staples’s research is the
development of management practices for successful implementation of intensively
rotated pasture systems for dairy animals in subtropical environments such as
Florida. As a result, he has been in demand to speak in countries with similar

In particular, Staples is at the forefront in demonstrating
the potential to selectively alter nutrient delivery for metabolism in order to
modify reproductive and immune functions. These findings have improved fertility
and have potential application in future nutritional-reproductive management
systems. His research has greatly increased understanding of subtropical forage
feeding and utilization.

Dr. Staples received degrees from New Mexico
State University, and he earned his doctoral degree from the University of
Illinois. Dr. Clay Zimmerman of Blue Seal Feeds presented the award to

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