The high performance combination for high milk yields and long-lived cows

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Mipro M 500 from Sano is an innovative feed supplement for healthy enhanced performance dairy cows. It is easy to dose and effective.

Our success proves that we are right. The new feed supplement Mipro M 500 has been shown to enhance feed uptake by high performance cows, improving their overall performance. According to Dr. Jörg Bekkering, Sano specialist in bovine nutrition: “Only 500 g per cow per day brings a clear improvement in the animals’ food utilisation and strengthens their health.” The composition of this feed is unique. Acting on the principle of nutrient synchronisation, it produces equilibrium between the components of basic feed and concentrate. Live yeast, natural nitrogen compounds and sugar improve digestion in the rumen, by providing the rumen microbes with a constant quantity of energy and crude protein. The cow’s performance is enhanced by an amino acid which is essential for milk formation. This is protected from the rumen. Other additives enhance resistance and health. Moreover, Mipro M 500 has the practical advantage that it is easy to dose.
Intense development at Sano
This easy-to-use feed supplement is an ideal supplement to the energy and protein feeds used in most units for TMR feeds. According to Bekkering: “In the attempt to provide the cows with adequate levels of energy, the most frequent approach in recent years has been greatly to increase the proportion of maize silage in rations. There have also been increases in high energy density components such as cereals, grain maize and CCM. As a result, cow rations often contain very high levels of starch. On the other hand, these rations often contain only low levels of sugar, a rapidly available energy component in the rumen, or of protein which is rapidly available in the rumen. These deficiencies are effectively made good by Mipro M 500.”
The sugar contained in Mipro M 500 is a rapidly available energy source for the rumen bacteria and improves ruminal protein and raw fibre utilisation. Simple natural nitrogen compounds increase the quantities of microbe protein and thus improve the supply of protein to the small intestine. Rumen-protected methionine is an essential amino acid for milk formation and enhances milk volume and protein content. Live yeast in Mipro M 500 increases the biomass in the rumen, raising feed uptake and feed utilisation. Mipro M 500 can also totally make good any deficiencies in the supply of minerals and active substances to the cow. The valuable minerals, trace elements and vitamins in Mipro M 500 ensure that the cows are healthy, fertile and long-lived. The active substance Kerasan enhances the health of the hooves and the active substance Mastitisan enhances the health of the udders. Finally, the Sano polyphenol complex supports the activity of vitamin E.
Mipro M 500 contains the following components:
Rumen-stimulating live yeast improves feed uptake and utilisation.
Simple natural nitrogen compounds for more microbial protein in the small intestine (important for milk formation)
Rapidly available sugar energy improves protein and raw fibre utilisation in the rumen (milk fat)
Protected methionine enhances milk formation (milk protein)
Mastitisan® for high performance udders
Kerasan® for strong hooves
Sano polyphenol complex as vitamin E protection
High value mineral, trace element and vitamin components ensure healthy and high performance cows.
Sano – Healthy and profitable animal nutrition – EuroTier 2010 – Hall 15/Stand 15-A12

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