TOPSPEC pig diets can save costs

20-02-2008 | |
TOPSPEC pig diets can save costs

Reacting to the recent shift in the UK pig industry’s economic circumstances, starter feed specialist Primary Diets has launched a new range of lower-cost diets based on the latest protein and energy sources.

This new TOPSPEC range comes as many pig producers are struggling to cope
with the ever-rising feed costs that have been a consequence of soaring raw
material prices.

The new diets have been developed by a team at Primary
Diets, now part of the Associated British Nutrition (ABN) group, to reduce
reliance on costly milk products, while maintaining the best possible nutrition
for piglets.

Based on extensive research and development work in
conjunction with experts at the University of Leeds, the new range has already
been tested in commercial farm situations with positive results.

spokesman Paul Toplis explains: “These trials revealed the close interaction
between farm environment, piglet health and product. “I am confident that a
large number of pig units will be able to switch to the lower-cost TOPSPEC range
and exploit it fully to achieve highly cost-effective benefits.”

added: “It is always important for producers to challenge the products on farms
to ensure that the diets meet the needs of their units, from maximum performance
to best cost per pig to discover the right starter feed programme.”

details of TOPSPEC and the other feeds developed by Primary Diets will be
available to producers at the ABN stand at the British Pig & Poultry Fair at
Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, on May 13 and 14.

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