Vegan pet food to become more popular

15-05-2009 | |

Some vegans feel their dogs and cats shouldn’t eat meat, whether nature intended them to or not Some claim that the lactose-free, soy-based organic pet food is healthier for the animals.

Although some pet owners have good results with meat free diets, veterinarians are skeptical about vegan diets. "You really have to be careful," says Danny Joffe, medical director of the Calgary Animal Referral and Emergency Centre. "Every species has their own nutritional idiosyncrasies. The bottom line is, your source for info on your pets’ nutrition is your family [animal] doctor, not something you read on the Internet or hear from the person at the pet food store."

Dr. Joffe says some vegan dog foods are nutritionally complete (the brand he recommends is Medi-Cal Royal Canin). But for cats, he hasn’t found any vegan chow he considers healthy. Sure, he says, some people may feed their cats vegan diets for years and not encounter any problems. But he compares that to the occasional life-long smoker who never gets sick.

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