Vi-Cor to present research results at VIV Asia

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Manufacturer of specialised yeast culture products for livestock Vi-Cor will present research results in pigs of two of their product at VIV Asia.

Sangita Jalukar of Vi-Cor will be a presenter at Asian Pig Veterinary Society Congress, held in conjunction with VIV Asia, March 7-11, 2011 in Thailand.
Jalukar, a microbiologist and immunologist, will present the results of university research in which Vi-Cor’s Bg-Max and Celmanax yeast-based products were added to swine diets.
Yeast culture
In a research trial conducted by the University of Kentucky’s Department of Animal and Food Science, Celmanax was added to the diets of sows and their weaned pigs.
Celmanax is a product made of yeast culture and hydrolyzed yeast cell walls and offers many beneficial complex carbohydrates.
As a result of including Celmanax in gestation, lactation and nursery diets, the average piglet weight increased by 1,860 grams by the end of the nursery phase.
"The implication of this study is that supplementing the diets of sows and nursery pigs with Celmanax can result in heavier pigs all the way through the nursery phase," explains Jalukar.
"The end benefit to the producer is fewer days for pigs to reach slaughter weight and improved profitability."
Feed conditioning agent
In another trial, researchers at China Agricultural University explored the effect of Bg-Max on weanling pigs. Bg-Max is a yeast-based feed conditioning agent that offers health benefits to many different species, especially weaned piglets.
 "With more and more countries moving away from antibiotics, there is an urgent need to find an alternative for improving pig health and performance," says Jalukar.
The research trial concluded that Bg-Max has the potential to improve growth performance and reduce the occurrence of diarrhoea in weaned piglets compared to an antibiotic growth promoter.
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