Victam Asia 2014 brings together feed and grain Industries

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Victam Asia 2014 brings together feed and grain Industries

Senior executives from the animal feed, grain processing and rice/flour milling industries of South and South East Asia will converge on Bangkok in April 2014.


They will have travelled from all over the Asia/Pacific to visit and attend what is now the region’s foremost event for these expanding and increasingly important industries.

The event is FIAAP/ Victam/Grapas Asia 2014 and it will be open from 8 – 10 April 2014 and it will take place in BITEC in Bangkok.

Why will so many visitors want to attend the event?
This was a question put to Henk van de Bunt, the General Manager of Victam International, a former feed mill owner and now the organiser of the event.

He replied, “The event has now become truly international. Industry executives, colleagues etc. travel from throughout this enormous and increasingly wealthy region to meet together, find out what is on-show at the three exhibitions, attend some of the many conferences that run alongside the exhibitions and much more.

The event has grown rapidly, especially over the last six years, so that we now see exhibitors from all over the world, displaying many different machines, technology and ingredients for different applications and industry sectors. There is a lot for the visitors to see!

Victam, our core show, profiles animal feed processing and this is in fact the largest sector within the event, both in terms of the number of exhibitors and also the area it occupies. You will see anything from a hammer mill to the latest in extruders, the number of machines on show is amazing. Exhibitors include: Adifo, Amandus Kahl, Andritz, Awila, Buhler, Dinnissen, Extru – Tech, Forberg, Jiangsu Muyang, Ottevanger, Stolz, Van Aarsen, Wenger, Zheng Chang and many more.

You would expect this area to be the largest as the exhibitors are displaying a wide range of equipment and technology for the milling and processing of animal feeds, dry petfoods and aquafeeds. But our visitors are not just interested in milling technology. A feed miller or an integrator, for instance, will also want to find out and also see the latest developments within the specialist ingredients and additives that are so important to the production of safe and cost-effective feeds.

We therefore have our FIAAP show which profiles these specialist feed ingredients and additives. Exhibitors include: Biomin, DAR PRO Solutions, Dr. Eckel, DSM, Empyreal, Kemin, Lab Inter Co., Novus, Nukamel, Ritan Biotech, Special Nutrients, SPF Diana, and more.”

The same feed miller will also be interested in another aspect of the event, the ancillary equipment and systems that are also on show. These comprise silos, conveyors systems, elevators, computers, coolers/dryers, trucks and much more. Major international companies will be showing the latest available systems on their stands. Exhibitors include: Brock Grain Systems, Geelen Counterflow, GSI, Lambton Conveyors, Maxi-Lift, Muller Beltex, Scafco, SCE, Silos Cordoba, STIF, VAV, Vigan Eng, etc.

It is not just feed millers who require this ancillary technology: grain processors, rice and flour millers, etc. also utilise these in their facilities. We have therefore a third exhibition open from the 8 – 10 April in Bangkok, Grapas Asia 2014. This exhibition, with its own conference, profiles rice milling, flour milling, grain processing, noodle, breakfast cereal and savoury snack production. Once again there are a large number of international companies displaying the latest technology and equipment used in the preparation and processing/milling of these foods.  Exhibitors include: Agromatic, Amandus Kahl, Buhler, IMAS, Jiangsu Muyang, Ottevanger, Paglierani, Perten Instruments, Stolz, Tornum, Wenger, World Grain, Zheng Chang and more.

By holding these shows together it adds greater value for visitors and offers them, or you, a greater opportunity to source what you are looking for in a short time. We like to think of the event as being a “one stop” show for the industries they serve, we think and hope that each visitor will be able to find what he or she is looking for, and all under one roof over three days.
Each exhibition is supported by its own or a number of technical conferences. For those wishing to present papers or attend any of the conferences please go to our websites”.

Henk then took questions from the floor.
For further information please visit the organiser’s websites –


Source: Victam International Press Release