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Vitamex Group organises from 21st till 23rd of September an International Technical Seminar for its distributors and customers in the heart of Bruges, Belgium.

This ‘Get More Than Expected’ Masterclass will be attended by over 100 attendees from 25 countries and covers the latest insights on Vitamex’s nutritional research and product development.
Topics include amongst others the latest results on Aromabiotic MCFA in cattle, Vitadys against dysentery in pigs and Shellbiotic for better quality eggs.
Alternative to antibiotics
Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) are the key alternative to antibiotic growth promoters and Vitamex is expanding its Aromabiotic MCFA product range with dedicated formulas for cattle and layers.
Masterclasses are organised on a regular basis for distributors and customers to share good ideas and to transfer this build-up and result-driven know-how in an optimal manner.
The program covers the mode of action of MCFA’s, provides detailed information on sow nutrition and management, gives practical insights on the use of the prestarter concepts and will give recent background information on pig and poultry genetics.
Dual language
The poultry program will be given in French and English and will focus on the importance of nutrition through some customer testimonials. Finally the cattle program will include a guided dairy farm visit where theory will meet application.
Participants for this Masterclass are mainly from Eastern Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia. Other Masterclasses are planned in 2011 for other regions.
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Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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