Wrapping up the global feed developments

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Wrapping up the global feed developments. Photo: Shutterstock
Wrapping up the global feed developments. Photo: Shutterstock

The last weeks have been marked by new developments, price increases for feed additives and acquisitions in the global feed industry. All About Feed lists them all.

Adisseo buys feed additive company Nutriad

Bluestar Adisseo Company (Adisseo) announces the acquisition of Nutriad, a global feed additives producer. This transaction is part of Adisseo’s strategy to become one of the worldwide leaders of specialty additives in animal nutrition. Nutriad, a multinational company headquartered in Dendermonde, Belgium, operates 4 laboratories and 5 plants located in Belgium, Spain, the UK, China and the USA. The business generates gross sales of about US$100 million per year. A manufacturer of feed additives for more than 50 years, Nutriad has a solid product range in palatability, mycotoxin management and digestive performance. Next to poultry and swine they are also present in aquaculture, dairy and cattle. Adisseo is convinced that a combination between Nutriad and Adisseo represents a highly attractive opportunity for both companies to build a strong worldwide franchise leveraging on complementary strengths. According to Adisseo, Nutriad’s product range, the species addressed, and its target markets are highly complementary to its own portfolio and will allow the combined business to implement integrated solutions and offer even more value to customers.

Price increase Choline Chloride in North America

Balchem Corporation announced last week that it will increase the price of animal feed and industrial grades of Choline Chloride in North America by $0.04/lb. This will take effect immediately or as contract terms permit. The increase is driven by the continued escalation of operating costs. Customers should contact their Balchem Sales Representative for more details.

Price increase for formic acid and propionic acid in EMEA region

With immediate effect, or as existing contracts permit, BASF Intermediates Division will increase its selling prices in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) for formic acid 85% with €250/mt and propionic acid with €150/mt .Prices for all other concentrations of Formic Acid will be increased accordingly on a pro rata basis.

Bactocell EU approved for minor avian species

The probiotic bacteria Bactocell (Pediococcus acidilactici MA 18/5M) is now authorised in Europe as a zootechnical feed additive for use in minor avian species for fattening and laying. This authorisation covers species such as ducks and game (quail and pheasant, among others). Trials performed in research stations and commercial farms have demonstrated the efficacy of the probiotic to improve growth performance and feed efficiency of fattening ducks. The authorisation of the probiotic has also extended to minor porcine categories (weaned and for fattening). These authorisations cover both its for use in feed and for use in livestock water for drinking. Bactocell is produced by Lallemand Animal Nutrition. The product is already authorised in the EU for use in laying, chickens for fattening, weaned piglets, pigs for fattening and aquaculture (all fish and shrimps).

VIV MEA 2018 bigger than first edition

Preparations are nearing completion for the second edition of feed-to-food international business hub event VIV MEA, which takes place in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, between 5th-7th February 2018. With expansion into an extra hall adding about 25% to its exhibition area and to the number of exhibitors, VIV MEA 2018 will offer an even wider range of products and services for animal protein providers from the Middle East and Africa to Iran and the countries of the Indian sub-continent. Poultry World, the sister publication of All About Feed will organise 2 seminars (one on poultry nutrition and one on poultry health). To be a sponsor (in the form of a speaker), please contact us at salesint@proagrica.com.

$56 million aquafeed facility planned for northern Tasmania

BioMar Australia have released plans to develop a $56 million aqua feed production facility in the state’s north, providing a significant boost to the local economy, job creation and the state’s growing aquaculture industry. Paddy Campbell, Managing Director of BioMar UK, Australia and the Northern Sea Region said the $56 million proposal would bring world class, state-of-the art fish feed innovation and production facilities to Wesley Vale in northern Tasmania. “Once operational, the facility will produce up to 110,000 tonnes per annum of aqua feed product to support the aquaculture industry, expecting to create 55 full time jobs and an additional 30 jobs across the region through indirect support, operational, port services and logistical roles,” Dr Campbell said. At present one in every 3 farmed salmon in Tasmania is fed BioMar fish feed products, which are currently being exported from Scotland.

PMI Nutritional Additives launched new yeast additive

PMI Nutritional Additives announces the launch of Peloton™. This feed additive is a thermal stable blend of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast. The proprietary blend is encapsulated to protect the live yeast during pelletising and storage so the yeast is activated directly in the rumen. The activated yeast supports healthy digestive activity and facilitates microbial protein flow from the rumen to the lower GI tract. This is in addition to the documented benefits of live yeast in stabilising rumen pH, functional ingredients like Mannans (MOS) and β-Glucans help support gut health and integrity.

Geelen Counterflow will launch new generation electrical dryer

Early in 2018 Geelen Counterflow will introduce its new generation of Electrical Dryers to the market. Following 4 years of development, the first Electrical Dryer for 10-12 tph extruded petfood will be built and delivered in 2018. Pilot line testing on extruded petfood during 2016 has shown that energy efficiency can be improved by up to 65%, to well below 1000 kJ per kg of evaporated water, compared to the typical 2700 kJ/kg for a counterflow dryer on natural gas or steam. The air system of the Electrical Dryer uses high temperature heat pumps to generate hot air of 125°C. As an option the same air system can be fitted with full capacity gas burners for boosting of hot air temperatures. The official market launch of the Electrical Dryer will be done during Victam Asia 2018 (March 27-29, 2018).

AgriProtein named as top UK business disruptor

Insect protein supplier AgriProtein has been named a top 10 Virgin Media Business Disruptor to Watch in the Fast Track 2017, published in The Sunday Times. AgriProtein is pioneering an emerging industry that uses flies and their larvae to convert food waste into sustainable protein, replacing fishmeal in aquaculture, farmed animal feeds and petfood. The company has fly farm projects under development in several countries to produce its flagship product MagMeal™ for the $100 billion aquafeed market and ultimately for poultry, pigs and petfood. EU regulations have permitted the use of insect-based nutrients in aquafeed since 1 July 2017, while other geographies already permit their wider use in agriculture and pet-food. Using a factory roll-out model developed with global engineering firm Christof Industries, AgriProtein is able to deliver fly farms on a turnkey basis anywhere in the world at the rate of up to 25 factories per year.

AB Vista to become second biggest phytase producer

Positive sales growth has seen animal nutrition technology company AB Vista move to number 2 in phytase worldwide over the past year. Managing Director Richard Cooper says that the success comes from being customer-focused: “We’ve focused on sharing scientific advancements within the field of nutrition and technology in order to help our customers stay ahead. We’ve seen the average dose per tonne of Quantum Blue phytase increasing markedly, as customers are taking advantage of the extra-phosphoric effects on nutrient digestibility and animal performance.” While AB Vista has traditionally focused on the pig and poultry sectors, over the past year it has also made positive gains in both the ruminant and aquaculture sectors.

ADM launches new feed additive in Canada

ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company will be introducing Anco® AC, a new specialty feed additive for Canadian swine, poultry and dairy producers. Developed in partnership with Austria-based Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH, the feed additive is an anti-caking agent and yeast primary used in all phases of production across multiple species. It is designed to allow animals to deal more efficiently with nutritional stressors in their feed. ADM has an equity investment in Anco Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH.

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