Zintec launches fly stopping mineral lick for cows

03-04-2009 | |

Zintec Feed Supplements has launched a new lick bucket to help combat fly problems with dairy cows this summer.

FLYSTOP DAIRY is a mineral, trace element lick which includes STIMUL’AIL feed additive. This feed additive was developed in France and has been found to be highly effective against insects and flies.

STIMUL’AIL is made of specially selected active plant extracts from the Liliaceae Botanical plant family; these are rich in volatile sulphur derivatives. Trials have shown that volatile sulphur substances emitted by Allium act as a repelling odorous barrier against insect species commonly found around livestock (Thibout and Auger, 1997). Because of careful variety selection of the plant extracts and drying techniques used STIMUL’AIL has been found to not contaminate milk for human consumption which has been a common problem found with various other Garlic based licks available on the market.

FLYSTOP DAIRY is available in a 20kg bucket or box, 40kg tub or 500kg jumbo block. A FLYSTOP lick is also available for sheep and beef cattle.

For more information contact: Chris Williams 01568 708008 or chris@zintec.co.uk  

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor

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