Global fishmeal production up, fish oil down

11-02-2022 | |
Global fishmeal production up, fish oil down

According to the IFFO, an international trade organisation representing the marine ingredients industry, total fishmeal production in 2021 is estimated at 2.443 million metric tonnes (mmt), compared to 2.359 mmt in 2020.

Countries sampled by the IFFO cover about 50% of world production and, according to the organisation, represent global trends.

Peru, Chile and India increased their cumulative fishmeal output last year, while Northern European countries, the US and various countries in Africa reported a collective decrease of more than 160,000 mt, year-on-year.

Global fish oil production

Meanwhile, the overall output of the countries sampled in the OFFO report dropped by almost 6%. Total output in 2021 is estimated at 546,000 mmt vs 581,000 mmt in 2020.

Chile, Iceland, and India improved production in 2021, while all the other areas sampled, including Peru, the key producer, reported a decrease.

China reported record levels of fishmeal imports to China in 2021 and may be reached again in 2022. The demand of marine ingredients is expected to be dominated by aquaculture.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist