Expert opinion

Marieke Ploegmakers, editor All About Feed
21-12-2020 | Expert opinion

2020: The digital feed journey

Photo: Misset
07-12-2020 | Expert opinion

Finding the right balance

Photo: Misset
21-10-2020 | Expert opinion

Conscious decisions

Photo: Peter Roek
19-10-2020 | Expert opinion

Setting the agenda for the next decade

Your microsystem should be operating: fast but accurate. With supreme confidence.Photo: Canva
18-09-2020 | Expert opinion

Must know facts about feed microsystems

Photo: Pikist
03-08-2020 | Expert opinion

Is the future of audits online?

Fungi Fusarium which produce mycotoxins in cereal crops that affect humans and animals, 3D illustration showing conidia and hyphae; Shutterstock ID 494829412; PO: Pig Progress
06-07-2020 | Expert opinion

Introducing SFR research on mycotoxins

Sunita van Es   Sahota, editor special projects
29-06-2020 | Expert opinion

Staying vigilant against diseases

Double shaft peddle mixer. Photo: Misset
18-05-2020 | Expert opinion

Your Mixer is an overlooked problem

The impact of viral diseases however is immense. We see that now with ASF, and also with avian flu and of course with all measures regarding the coronavirus. Photo: Henk Riswick
06-04-2020 | Expert opinion

Taking responsibility for biosafety

Progress in developing novel animal-protein sources without depending on livestock is an alternative that may feed many people in 2050, or perhaps sooner. Photo: Wikimedia
11-03-2020 | Expert opinion

Beyond the feed industry: Novel food proteins

Photo: Shutterstock
12-02-2020 | Expert opinion

Feed mill evaluations = results

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