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23-12-2019 | Expert opinion

Mycotoxin situation in ASEAN

Photo: Vincent ter Beek
16-12-2019 | Expert opinion

Can less be more?

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21-10-2019 | Expert opinion

Who set up your software?

Photo: Dreamstime
18-10-2019 | Expert opinion

Making the perfect feed pellet

Photo: Vincent ter Beek
14-10-2019 | Expert opinion

Minimise risk, maximise performance

The first edition of the Zero Zinc Summit attracted 458 experts from all over the planet. Photo: Vincent ter Beek
12-08-2019 | Expert opinion

Zero Zinc Summit: How to replace ZnO?

Photo: Shutterstock
27-05-2019 | Expert opinion

Going sustainable requires Swedish meat balls

Photo: Dreamstime
20-05-2019 | Expert opinion

Optimising the extrusion process

Photo: Wikimedia
12-04-2019 | Expert opinion

A low-methane latte please

Beating the heat. Photo: Vincent ter Beek
11-04-2019 | Expert opinion

Beating the heat

Accurate dosing and scaling. Photo: Shutterstock
25-03-2019 | Expert opinion

Accurate dosing and scaling

Feeding today s food producing animals is like formulating a diet for Olympic athletes: a challenging task (with a few hurdles here and there), but one that can certainly be done. Photo: Dreamstime
06-03-2019 | Expert opinion

Feeding Olympic athletes

Mixing technology to handle  soup . Photo: shutterstock
20-02-2019 | Expert opinion

Mixing technology to handle ‘soup’

Gut disorders? Plants to the rescue! Photo: Dreamstime
04-01-2019 | Expert opinion

Gut disorders? Plants to the rescue!

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