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van Es-Sahota
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Photo: Shutterstock

Mycotoxin contamination, Salmonella and even the presence of heavy metals or dioxins. The possible threats to feed safety are infinite. What is different now is that we know our contaminants and more importantly, how to find them.

Awareness of animal feed safety has grown in recent years and just as there are laws and regulations for food for human consumption there are also guidelines that animal feed producers must follow to ensure animals are receiving safe and healthy feed. Safe animal feed or forage is a prerequisite for food safety, welfare, human and animal health. Furthermore, it needs constant attention.

Never take feed safety for granted

As a host at the Global Feed Safety Summit held 6-8 April in Berlin, GMP+ managing director Roland van der Post says, “never take feed safety for granted”, he believes the only way forward is to work together as an industry.

Feed safety for the future

The summit will be a platform for industry leaders to exchange knowledge and ideas, with the emphasis being on setting concrete goals to ensure feed safety for the future. Everything from the current state of feed safety to how technology can be integrated into the chain will be discussed there. With so many different aspects surrounding safe feed, this special will cover topics such as mitigating Salmonella in feed and will explore the importance of moisture management in feed. The industry is taking a stand and acknowledges that it will take effort and commitment of everyone involved in the chain to ensure safe feed, with no compromises.
Misset are co-organisers of the Feed Safety summit and look forward to meeting the world at the much needed face-to-face event. Hope to see you there!

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