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Russia: Farmers using less grain in compound feed

The proportion of feed grain being used in the production of compound feed in Russian is slowly but surely declining, according to Valery Afanasiev, the head of the Russian Feed Producers Union (FPU), news agency SoyaNews reported.

“About 5-6 years ago the grain content in Russian feed production amounted to 75-76%, now it has decreased to 68%. This is average value, as the ratio of feed ingredients varies considerably depending on the particular livestock sector” Valery Afanasiev said at the “Compound feed-2013”  conference in Moscow.

According to industry experts, the largest percentage of grain is used in the production of compound feed for poultry about 72%, while for pigs it is about 67% and for cattle 65%.

However, according to Afanasieve, grain content in compound feed in Europe does not exceed 48%”.

Experts from the Russian analytical agency Agrocrucom pointed out that this trend is very important for Russia’s livestock industry because the decrease in the grain content in compound feed also contributes to the decrease in feed prices. Therefore, it is positively affecting the profitability of the Russian livestock industry.

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