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Prebiotic effect with new citric acid based additive

Nor-Feed Sud, a company that specialises in natural plant based feed additives, has now launched Nor-Spice AB Liquid.

The product combines a set of complementary compounds that act synergistically: organic acids, pectic oligosaccharides (POS), limonene and citrus essential oils and is  certified for organic farming.

According to the company, the product combines a prebiotic effect with flora control, backed by several trials. A recent meta-analysis with piglets showed that the product inclusion generates an average growth of 12% of the average daily gain (ADG) and a reduction of nearly 7% of the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). Based on the feed saving achieved, the ROI reaches 10:1 for a Nor-Spice AB inclusion rate of 150-250 ppm. Similar trials in poultry concludes to an average increase of 6% of the Average Daily Gain and an average decrease of 2.7% of the Feed Conversion Ratio. The calculated ROI reaches 4:1 for an inclusion rate of 150-250 ppm.

Nor-Spice AB liquid formula can be mixed with drinking water, in top feeding, directly in soups or incorporated in liquid diet formulas. The product is designed for piglets, fattening pigs, poultry and calves.

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