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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Piglets grow better with combination organic acids and flavours

At the conference ‘Swine Research Days’ (Journées Recherche Porcine), held in February in Paris, France a study was presented that looked at the effect of a microencapsulated combination of organic acids and nature-identical flavours on the growth performance of piglets.

The efficiency of a micro-encapsulated combination of citric acid, sorbic acid, thymol and vanillin (AVIP)* on the growth performance of post-weaning piglets was investigate on the following sets of two studies. A trial was conducted at the VRP Research Centre (Denmark) on 768 piglets (110 blocks with approximately 7 piglets each), divided into 3 treatments: 1) Control (CTR), 2) CTR + 2 kg/T of AVIX (a preliminary formula of the additive AVIP without sorbic acid) and, 3) CTR + 3 kg/T of AVIP.

In the second study, a meta-analysis was performed including four studies from two EU countries (Italy and UK) with a total of 720 pigs. The growth performance of piglets receiving a control or an AVIP diet was studied. In study 1, the ADG was statistically higher in piglets from AVIP and AVIX groups as compared to CTR (5.7%, P<0.05). in contrast, the fcr was better in piglets fed avip (-3 points and -5 points compared to avix and ctr groups, respectively; p><0.05).>

In the meta-analysis (study 2), piglets from the AVIP group showed a significantly higher ADG (+2.9%, P<0.05) and better fcr (-0.08 points, p><0.001) than the ctr. all these studies showed that this additive can increase the growth rate and improve feed efficient in post-weaning piglets.>


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