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News last update:14 Jan 2016

FUMzyme receives EU positive vote for authorisation

FUMzyme from Biomin’s Mycofix product line, is to become the first-ever purified enzyme authorized by the EU as substances with proven mycotoxin counteracting properties.

Following the positive SCFCAH votes, the publication of the respective EU regulations would be the next and final stage towards confirming the efficacy of FUMzyme as a mycotoxin-deactivating product.

FUMzyme was originally isolated from the fumonisin degrading soil bacteria Sphingopyxis sp. MTA 144 and identified as fumonisin esterase by the BIOMIN Research Center.  The trials consistently demonstrated that the addition of FUMzyme reduced the sphinganine/sphingosine ratio of pigs fed fumonisin-contaminated diets with levels above and below EU guidance limits. EFSA concluded in the Scientific Opinion published in May 2014, that FUMzyme is safe not only for animals, humans and the environment, but also demonstrably efficacious in pigs.

In 2013, BIOMIN became the first company to receive the European Commission authorisation for feed additives with mycotoxin-counteracting properties.
Earlier this year, during the Victam Asia, Biomin won the AllAboutFeed/FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award for FUMzyme: Read more about it here.


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