News last update:6 Aug 2012

High grain prices affect Bulgarian foodstuffs

The prices of various foods in Bulgaria start to increase, and the trend is expected to continue, extending to other foodstuffs.

Prices of dairy products went up by 10%. The price of bread increased by 0.05 leva, mediapool.bg reported. Chicken and egg prices will increase from next week, the poultry-farmers' union announced. The wholesale price a kg will become four leva instead of the current 3.60 to 3.70 leva. Egg prices will probably exceed 0.20 leva, the union said.

Rising price of grain
Poultry farmers said that the main reason for the price hike was the rising price of grain. A ton of grain costs 300 to 400 leva, compared to 160 leva in 2006. The increased grain prices resulted from poor crops, leading to increased demand and in turn, higher prices.

In some regions of the country bread prices exceeded 0.80 leva a kg. The town of Dobrich experienced three price hikes in 30 days. The price in Montana reached 1.40 leva a kg. Agriculture and Food Minister Nihat Kabil said that if the trend continues, bread prices could reach 1.60 leva a kg.

1 leva = US$0.70 or €0.5

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