News last update:6 Aug 2012

Kemin improves screening of antioxidants

The United States Patent Office recently issued a new patent to Kemin Industries, Inc., which protects a Kemin proprietary method for the high-throughput screening of antioxidants at near ambient temperatures.

The newly patented method was developed to improve the accuracy of the prediction of antioxidant performance under accelerated storage conditions. These accelerated tests are required to by-pass lengthy shelf life studies for the screening and selection of antioxidants.

More efficient
"Because the oxidation assays can now be performed at near ambient temperatures, it is possible to analyze the oxidative stability of a wide variety of heat-sensitive products much more efficiently than in conventional accelerated assays at high temperature," said Stefaan Van Dyck, principal scientist at Kemin Europa and one of the inventors of this method.  "The method therefore can be a valuable tool to identify the most suitable antioxidant formulation and dosage to efficiently protect a specific feed or food product against oxidative damage."

Other recent Kemin patents in the antioxidant field include:
- Method for removing essential oils and antioxidants from extract products of lamiaceae species using rolled film evaporation (2002)
- Method of extracting antioxidants from lamiaceae species and the extract products thereof (2004)
- Method for simultaneous extraction of essential oils and antioxidants from labiatae species and the extract products thereof (2005)

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