News last update:6 Aug 2012

Today's dairy cows more susceptible

In a survey of attendees at Alltech's recent ruminant technical seminars, over 85% of respondents agreed that today's high yielding dairy cows were more susceptible to stress and pathologies than the dairy cow of the 80s.

Over 75% also estimated that the incidence of cow lameness is increasing in dairy herds throughout Europe and 90% concluded that sub-acute ruminal acidosis (SARA) is of serious economic consequence. Furthermore, over 85% believed that mycotoxins pose a threat to both human and cow health.

"Our yearly survey gives us a tremendous insight into the real issues that the dairy industry is facing across Europe. The questions asked are highly relevant to today's dairy industry, particularly in the current economic environment. In general, a consensus was reached on most issues, however, some views differed, reflecting discrepancies in local realities," explained Alltech's Ruminant Technical Manager, Sylvie Andrieu.

More than 140 of Europe's top ruminant nutritionists and veterinarians attended Alltech's ruminant technical seminars on 'Elevating Animal Performance and Health – Formula for the Future; Nutrition or Pathology?' held at Alltech's European Bioscience Centre in Dunboyne, Co. Meath, Ireland.

During the course of the seminar, a panel of six international industry experts presented their views on issues such as: calf health and nutrition; the role of mycotoxins in cow health and immunity; dairy cow peri-parturient nutrition and early lactation pathologies and nutritional impact on dairy cow lameness.

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