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Kemin: second ruminant European tour

After the successful 2008 Ruminant Tour, Kemin would like to announce their third series of meetings to be held during March - April this year in collaboration once more with Prof. Charles Schwab from the University of New Hampshire (USA).

The event will take place in 6 countries around Eastern Europe and Middle East, with the aim of further extending the scientific knowledge and showing practical economic benefits achieved from Balancing Amino Acids.

The adoption of the concept of balancing ruminant diets for amino acids (AA) continues to increase in the United States and in Europe. However, the increase in the rate of implementation, as measured largely by sales of protected methionine (Met), has been linked to differences in milk prices and feed costs with uptake being slowest when feed costs are high and prices for milk and milk protein are lower. However, it has been my experience, says Prof. Schwab, that even when milk prices have been at their lowest, long term financial benefits could be realized by balancing for AA.

We are delighted to once more have Prof. Schwab with us in 6 countries, says Ir. Ainhoa Perojo. Last year's tour gathered together key ruminant nutritionist who recognized the need for a further improvement on Dairy Nutrition. Prof. Schwab is best known for his research on dairy cattle nutrition; in particular in amino acid balancing. In the last 10 years, Prof. Schwab has made over 100 presentations on protein nutrition and its effect on milk production and cow health. After his highly informative lectures around Europe last year, Kemin has decided to bring Prof. Schwab expert knowledge to a wider audience." In addition to Prof. Schwab every conference will have well known local speakers from Research Centres, Universities and the feed industry.

For more information please contact, Tin Mariën, tin.marien@kemin.com

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