News last update:6 Aug 2012

Aller Petfood sells its feed mill

Danish petfood manufacturer Aller Petfood sold Aller Moelle A/S, a feedmill serving the Danish market, to the Dan Aller Holding a part of the DLA Group.

“We decided that, although we believe there is a future for Aller Moelle, it would be best served elsewhere, so we made the decision to sell the feed milling activities and focus exclusively on Aller Petfood” said Aller Petfood’s Managing Director and Co-owner, Henriette Bylling.

With three factories, one in Denmark and two in Russia, Aller Petfood is going from strength to strength. “We’ve seen exciting developments, like our expansion into Eastern Europe”, says Henriette. “This new streamlining of our business will enable us to embrace our plans single-mindedly, without the pressure of juggling two distinctly different businesses.”

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