News last update:6 Aug 2012

BASF raises prices of carboxylic acids in Europe

Effective immediately, or as existing contracts permit, BASF is raising its prices for 2-Ethyl-hexanoic Acid (2-EHA) and Propionic Acid in Europe.

Prices of 2-EHA will be increased by €120 per tonne and for propionic acid with € 100 per tonne.
BASF is a leading supplier of propionic acid with productions at Ludwigshafen and Nanjing, China.
The major application of propionic acid is feed grain preservation. It is also widely used in the production of pharmaceuticals, crop protection agents, solvents, food preservatives and plastics.
The company produces 2-EHA at its Verbund site in Ludwigshafen, Germany. 2-EHA is a chemical intermediate for many different industrial applications, for example for the manufacture of plasticizers, PVC stabilizers, lubricants and drying additives for coatings.

Dick Ziggers

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