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Rumen health in dairy cattle - international symposium

Entitled 'Rumen Health: A 360o Analysis', the 5th Dairy Solutions Symposium will see global health and nutrition company, Alltech, join forces with the Centre for Animal Nutrition, the Netherlands to highlight the importance of rumen health in dairy cattle.

The symposium, which will be held on the de Uithof Campus of Utrecht University, the Netherlands, from 1-2 July, 2010, will bring together leading scientists in dairy nutrition representing both industry and academia.
Rumen health is of critical importance for efficient transformation of dairy cows diets into nutrients. Rumen disorders a major cause of economic losses in the dairy industry and important in maintaining the health and welfare of the animal. This two-day symposium will showcase the latest in animal research while also providing a platform for the discussion of current on-farm issues. It will examine the impact of rumen health on dairy cattle, with specific focus on: the impact of rumen pH on ruminal digestion, occurrence and prevention of sub-acute rumen acidosis, maintenance of an optimum rumen function and ruminal adaptations during the transition period.
Alltech’s European Ruminant Technical Manager, Sylvie Andrieu, said, “This is an excellent opportunity for industry to work in conjunction with one of the leading European research institutes on an area that is of utmost importance to the dairy industry.”
Speakers at the Dairy Solutions Symposium include:
  • Wouter Hendriks, Wageningen University, the Netherlands
  • Joachim Kleen, Alta Genetics Germany, Uelzen, Germany
  • Jan Dijkstra, Wageningen University, the Netherlands
  • Kees Plaizier, University of Manitoba, Canada
  • Daniël de Brabander, ILVO, Belgium
  • Sergio Calsamiglia, UAB, Spain
  • Juan Tricarico, Alltech Inc., USA
  • Paul Dobbelaar, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  • Ad van Vuuren, Wageningen UR Livestock Research, the Netherlands
  • André Bannink, Wageningen UR Livestock Research, the Netherlands
  • Holger Martens, Free University Berlin, Germany
  • Veerle Fievez, Gent University, Belgium
  •  Finbar Mulligan, University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Johanna Fink – Gremmels, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  • Kerstin Müller, Free University Berlin, Germany.
Further information and registration details are available at: www.dairycowsolutions.com
The Centre for Animal Nutrition is a partnership between the Animal Nutrition Group of Wageningen University, the Animal Nutrition Cluster of Wageningen UR Livestock Research at Lelystad and the Nutrition Division of the Faculty for Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University.
The Centre is a European group on animal nutrition research and education, whose mission is to generate and transfer knowledge of the nutrition of animals to improve their production, health and welfare in a sustainable manner and contribute to human well-being.

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