News last update:7 Aug 2012

New auto quick clean magnets from Eriez

Eriez Magnetics Europe introduces a new magnetic separator into their ProGrade range. The ProGrade Auto Kwik Clean (AKC) Grate captures problematic ferrous metals, with the added advantage of automated cleaning. This preserves product purity whilst eliminating downtime of machinery and saving costs.

The Eriez AKC Grate utilises Mega (10,500 gauss) Rare Earth magnetic strength and automatically discharges any collected iron due to pneumatic and electronic components.
The self cleaning property allows the grate to be used in inaccessible areas where magnetic grates previously would not be considered.
When continuous operation is required and the product flow cannot be stopped to allow cleaning or maintenance, the AKC Grate proves very useful. With its perpetual process the new grate ensures maximum protection for valuable machinery.
The AKC Grate offers high strength magnetic separation solutions which can be implemented across a wide range of bulk handling and process industries such as: food, chemicals, ceramics, pharmaceuticals and minerals.
AKC Grate is priced competitively with a high quality finish. Importantly for many customers, they are available immediately from stock. 
The AKC Grate contains 2 banks of magnetic tubes, with the top bank containing 7 tubes and the bottom bank containing 6 tubes. The magnetic component of the AKC Grate is 356mm wide by 305mm long and its typical capacity is nominally 50t.p.h t, based on sand with a bulk density of 1.6T/m3.


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