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Symposium focuses on issues facing dairy industry

A perfect storm is on the horizon: a global population tipped to grow to 9 billion people, increased demand for dairy produce, a public that is concerned about emissions and sustainability and an ever increasing battery of legislation. How will the industry adapt? What does the future hold?

Join UCD and Alltech, on the 20th and 21st of June 2012, in UCD, Dublin, Ireland, for the 6th Dairy Solutions Symposium – Optimising Production Efficiencies, Lowering Environmental Impact, for a chance to hear the most up-to-date research from leading international experts on this issue and the challenges we face. Whether a dairy producer, nutritionist, consultant or an advisor, the subject of this year's Dairy Solutions Symposium applies.
The Dairy Solutions Symposium will focus on continuing to optimise production efficiencies while attempting to lower the environmental impact. This issue will be addressed through an in-depth look at the latest scientific research followed by discussion on the practical implementation of this research.
The following aspects will be addressed in order to gain a more complete understanding:
  • Sustainable intensification of livestock production systems to meet growing food demands
  • Mitigation strategies to reduce methane, nitrogen and mineral excretion
  • Environmental regulations impacting on current and future dairy production
  • Breeding strategies to reduce the environmental footprint
  • Role of improved efficiency in reducing impact of dairy on the environment
 “Nutrient excretion and Greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the environment are topics that are causing increasing concern in both the scientific population and among the general public. Animal production, and particularly ruminant operations, are noted as being among the biggest contributors to the production of greenhouse gasses,” said Dr. Karina Pierce, Lecturer at the School of Agriculture & Food Science, UCD. “At the same time, global consumer demand for milk and dairy products is increasing each year. This poses an enormous challenge to the dairy industry: how can we provide enough product to meet the demand while addressing environmental concerns?”
“While many organisations have put programmes in place to deal with emissions, there is still an assumption that more productive animals are the biggest polluters, despite scientific studies showing that this is not the case,” said Helen Warren, Alltech’s technical coordinator. “Given the increasing focus on the topic of climate change and greenhouse gasses, it is more important now than ever to tackle this communication challenge.”
Visit www.dairycowsolutions.com/ to register now.

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