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What’s hot in the next magazine after the third edition on ruminant feed, vitamins and minerals?

Mycotoxins have again come to the fore as one of the two highlighted topics, with the second part of global mycotoxin survey report by Biomin showing the prevalence and concentration by commodity. And another article gives an overview of the main mycotoxins with an impressive photos.

The second highlighted topic of this edition is pelleting. An article on pellet durability shows analysis results of segregation of fine particles, and a possible solution to prevent it. Another article explains how to retain moisture level of feed so that the weight loss is limited, especially in light of increasing raw material costs.

Yet this is not all there is much more in this edition. Heat stress for cows is getting more attention, as the industry tries to survive in the unforgiving hot summers in some parts of the world-  microbial solutions are presented. Another article on vitamin E tells us its broad physiological importance apart from its essential function as efficacious membrane antioxidant. Furthermore, calves’ life start is key in setting their life performance, which is a topic of an article showing the effect of intensive rearing of calves.

Walking away from livestock animal species, we have an innovative story on shrimp, achieving a first EMS-free cycle after the devastating disease in Asia over the past two years. Finally, a future outlook of the growing world population and the consequences, in which Patrick O’Leary, vice president emerging markets of Elanco, shares his vision and passion.

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