May issue of AllAboutFeed magazine now online

The May issue of AllAboutFeed is now available online. This issue covers the use of lactylates as novel feed ingredient, how to detect mycotoxins lesions in the slaughterhouse and a review on Victam Asia.

There is a very large array of additive solutions that may contribute to better intestine integrity such as medium chain fatty acids, organic acids, essential oils, enzymes, probiotics or prebiotics. A new nutritional concept for animal nutrition called lactylates has been recently added to this list and has recently been shown to support the use of nutrients for the growth of broilers. Katarzyna Wijma and Herman van Iersel from Cargill Animal Nutrition explain what this entails.

In this issue we take a somewhat different look at the topic mycotoxins. Manuel Contreras, veterinarian at Special Nutrients in the US takes us on a tour of how to detect lesions in poultry related to a mycotoxins infection. "If you want to know whether the mycotoxins measures made at feed level have been successful, you should look at the lesions found in the slaughterhouse. However, the changes present in poultry affected by mycotoxins can be microscopic," explains Contreras.

We also review the recently held Victam Asia. This show was a great success this year with sold out exhibition space and many side conferences to attend. AllAboutFeed was present and reviews some of the highlights including the winner of the 2nd AllAboutFeed/FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award, the ASEAN conference and some of the products displayed at the show.

This issue also gives a new generation of selenium attention, that has been on the market for a few months. The amount of effective digestible organic selenium can be much higher (100%) if you use a product that contains only L-selenomethionine. Marc Rovers from Orffa/Excentials in the Netherlands explains how this has an effect in practice, showing some of the trials in poultry and dairy.

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