News last update:7 Aug 2012

Turkish butchers struggle with feed prices

A price increase of 40% for animal feed, coupled with an unexpectedly mild winter, has made Turkish producers to send their animals for slaughter prematurely. As a result, the red meat supply is up and red meat discount prices have dropped by 5-10% compared to last year.

A sack of animal feed last year cost YTL 16 (€8.65), whereas today's price is YTL 28 (€15.12), acoording to Arif Karaoglu, Head of the Polatli Buthers Association. Because cattle producers in Turkey depend on foreign supplies for animal feed, the animal feed problem needs to be solved as quickly as possible in order for animal breeding to continue to develop in the country, according to Butchers Federation President Fazli Yalcindag.

Animal feed subsidy
Ünlüer predicts a drop in sale meat prices and the increase in slaughtering will continue due to the high price of animal feed. Ünlüer also underlined the fact that small and medium-size facilities are leaving the stock breeding business, thus prioritizing the need for the animal feed subsidy to be provided. "The 8% VAT in meat and 18% VAT in processed meat should be lowered and animal stock should be improved. If all these issues are not resolved, Turkey would face a drastically negative picture." 

Expand facilities
High prices in animal feed are a problem around the world, Bahçivan said, and small-size facilities are mostly affected by this issue. “Turkey can't do anything by itself. Prices of agricultural products are increasing worldwide. What needs to be done is to expand facilities. The trouble small-size facilities face about costs is obvious."

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