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Indonesia: Mad cow case will trigger poultry feed prices

Because of the discovery of a mad cow on 24 April 2012 in California, USA, the Indonesian government recently issued a policy of termination of the import of meat, offal and meat bone meal (MBM) from the United States.

Estimated that the policy will trigger a rise in poultry feed prices. So far the US is the largest supplier of MBM to Indonesia.
According to the chairman of Indonesian Feed Mill Association, Sudirman FX, recent months MBM prices continued to rise worldwide. Before the case of mad cow, MBM prices have risen from US$550 per ton to $650 per ton. “Because of the case of mad cow, it is feared MBM prices will increase again,” he said.
Sudirman said, current needs of MBM in Indonesia are 400,000 tonnes. Of the needs, about 165,000 tonnes were from the United States.
“There are three countries that supply MBM to Indonesia. The United States, Australia and New Zealand. Because of the case of mad cow, the feed mills now multiply the MBM imported from Australia and New Zealand,” he siad.
Before the occurrence of the case of mad cow, last week, because of rising raw material prices such as soybean meal and MBM, feed mills in Indonesia have planned to raise the price of poultry feed around IDR 600 per kg (€49.55/tonne). With the planned increase in the price, the price of poultry feed would to IDR 5,600 per kg (€462.50).
Sudirman added that the plan to increase the price of IDR 600 per kg was not considered the price of corn. “If there is a problem in the supply of corn and corn prices rise, the price of poultry feed will rise again,” he said.
More corn import needed
Relating to the supply of corn, Indonesian Feed Mill Association has asked for government permission to import corn.
Sudirman said that if not immediately importing corn, in May 2012 feed mills would experience a shortage of about 250,000 tonnes.
“The demand for corn for the feed mills in May 2012 was estimated at 560,000 tonnes. Whereas local corn supply is only about 310,000 tonnes,” he said.

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    Acording to my opinion; what is the common denominator of the neurodegenerative diseases (mad cow disease�) , including Alzheimer's disease? This was 11 years ago ( March 2001), when I published (in Czech) an alternative theory ( BSE ammonia- magnesium theory), where the main role of NMDA receptors was described. In addition, in scientific literature there was described the effect of drugs, in Alzheimer's disease in humans, on the principle of control hyperfunction of NMDA receptors, which is consistent with my BSE alternative theory of BSE. See more about the Nameda; A medication known as Namenda� (memantine), an N-methyl D-aspartate (NMDA) antagonist, is prescribed to treat moderate to severe Alzheimer�s disease (
    I worked in the USA almost one year- West Virginia University (1991, Morgantown). There I obtained a lot of information from scientific journals (in former Czechoslovakia it was not possible), what I used to create an alternative theory of the origin and the spread of mad cow disease (BSE). Relevant findings I have published 11 years ago in Czech (March 2001) and in English (May 2002; Netherlands, International Journal "Feed Mix";[1].pdf ). Later, in August 2006, I published own website, see;
    Since then I pointed my website in the order of hundreds of magazines around the world, especially in the U.S.. See some of them, for example on Google; . In 2008, I repeatedly visited the USA, it was about the occasion of my presentation in Vancouver, Canada (July 2008; 29th World Veterinary Congress; Neurodegenerative Diseases and Schizophrenia as a Hyper or Hypofunction of the NMDA Receptors (

    According to my theory, the origins of the neurodegenerative diseases may lie in chronic magnesium deficiency coupled with a high protein intake. So defective prions are markers of the diseases rather than the cause and BSE can be a naturally occurring disease, not an infectious disease. WHY?
    Because, about the BSE/ vCJD diseases; this was never justified scientifically! It was pure, math-model-driven science fiction. But it was pushed very vigorously by the British science establishment, which has never confessed to its errors... See more about the; BSE/ vCJD mathematical- models, see recent large three comments (February 2010) in ( ).
    However, well-known circumstances can be show (as a detective story); in documenting the first case of disease transmission, by blood transfusion. For more informations see my other large comments (January 12, 2011) in Western Star ( ). At the present time I will complete my website to the final version, so it would be clear among other things, that mad cow disease has never been and is not an infectious disease. Among other things, there much contributed recent research about the Alzhemeir�s disease.

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