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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Deworming can reduce feed cost pressure

The increasing feed prices have made it more important than ever for pig and poultry producers to have a strategic worming programme in place, according to Dave Cunnah of Janssen Animal Health.

Worm infections are a costly problem for farmers. The animals grow less and together with the higher feed prices, the losses are getting even bigger.

Worms in birds could cause gut damage, leading to poor use of feed, loss of shell and yolk colour, poor egg size and fewer eggs. Heavy worm infection levels could lead to loss of bird condition and even death. 

Cunnah urges pig and poultry producers to give worming a higher priority and not treat it as a last resort. He said a broad spectrum anthelmintic offered in drinking water would reduce high worm burdens to a level where intervals between treatments could be lengthened, helping to prevent the problem flaring again.

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