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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Mycotoxin binders require proof of operation

In practice mycotoxin binders in feed prove their value through increased performance of animals. Official comparisons between these products was not possible. Now the European Union intends to only register mycotoxin binders with proven track records.

Because of the lack of official registrations it was not possible to market mycotoxin binders using claims on operation and effectiveness. Also demand for using these binders in feed is increasing, because it is becoming more and more clear that mycotoxins do not have ‘safe’ values for tolerances.
Since 2005 the European association of feed additive manufacturers Fefana is lobbying with EU-lawmakers to have a separate registration established.
EU legislation
In 2006 the EU has published a list with guidelines for maximum values of mycotoxins (Commission Recommendation 2006/576/EC). These guidelines were falsely interpreted as if lower levels were to be safe and would not cause problems. Experiences in practice showed that this was not the case, especially because mycotoxins do not appear as a single toxin but often in combination with other mycotoxins.
Early 2009 it was decided to create a separate category for mycotoxin binders, which was published on 12 May 2009.
These products are defined as “substances for reduction of the contamination of feed by mycotoxins: substances that can suppress or reduce the absorption, promote the excretion of mycotoxins or modify their mode of action”.
Proven effectiveness
Publication of this new category is just one step. Registration of a product is only possible if its effectiveness has been proven, following the guidelines of EFSA. There will be one general method for approval of effectiveness.
These guidelines are to be expected this year. Additional testing, building of a dossier and evaluation of the dossier by EFSA will take some time. The first officially registered product in the new category are not to be expected before 2012.
Patience is required, but the main advantages of registration for end users (feedmillers, farmers) are:
  • Ineffective products will disappear from the market;
  • Registered product have tested in the same way and thus are comparable;
  • The evaluation dossier is publicly available; and
  • Products with the best price/quality ratio will surface.

Source: Alltech Netherlands

Dick Ziggers

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