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News last update:6 Aug 2012

French farmers call on retail pricing agreement

The French farmers union FNSEA are calling on retailers to respond according the pricing agreement of May 3, 2011. While the price of animal feed is soaring, "the retail look passively ... " said FNSEA in a statement.

The union said that at May 3, 2011, an agreement was signed in which "for the first time, all actors pledged substantially to reflect the increase in feed costs in food prices."
The agreement encourages, however failing to make it compulsory, reopening of trade negotiations when two conditions are met: a large change in price of feed, and a major change in the cost of feed in the price of the product.
"In this context, and for greater efficiency and responsiveness, the Observatory for prices and margins should seize the review of indicators as soon as possible," says FNSEA.
"The observatory set up by the LMA (Law of Agricultural Modernization, ed), does its job. To date, for poultry, the thresholds are exceeded. We are surprised, however, that this is not yet the case in pig and cattle ... The device probably deserves an adjustment, "says the union.
"In the same spirit, as we ask for a year, it is time to expand this agreement to other livestock sectors, particularly the dairy sector. Therefore, more than ever, FNSEA calls on all stakeholders and the government to regroup around the agreement of May 3, 2011. "

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