News last update:6 Aug 2012

More tapioca needed in Thailand

The Thai Tapioca Trade Association is pressing for the government's assistance in increasing the yields of tapioca plantation per hectare, or feed mill operators could suffer from higher prices.

President Chen Wongboonsin said that in 2008, the output could be 22.6 million tonnes, which is not sufficient to meet the growing demand. He noted that the demand would also push up the tapioca price. He urged the government to help raise the yield from 22 tonnes per ha at present with 5% to 23.1 tonnes per had.

"While this would reduce the plantation cost, it would also generate more export income for farmers and the government," he said. Chen said that tapioca price tends to rise due to the high oil prices, which spark higher demand for ethanol.

If the yield stays at the current level, this could affect the cost of animal feeds which use cassava roots as a main raw material.

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