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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Large feed mill opens in Central Russia

A large feed mill, initially specialising in granule production, has opened in the village Chastoozere of the Kurgan region in Central Russia, according to Russian news agency SoyaNews.info.

“This facility was built as part of a large, long-term program, the completion of which in the eastern part of the Kurgan region may provide the creation of meat production cluster,” Sergey Zhdanov, director of the Department of Agriculture and Food Industry of the region said in his speech.


The capacity of the new enterprise will be 7 tonnes of finished products per hour. This will be enough to meet the needs of about 2.5 million head of pigs or cattle, according to the representatives of the project.


The new facility is more than 10,000 square meters, and soon there will also be an oil press for pressing rapeseed and other oil crops. Enabling the production of not only the granules, but also oil, which will be used in the production of compound feed, also a meal, which contains more than 30% of the protein required for active growth of the animals, the representatives of the project added.

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