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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Russia continues to increase animal feed production

According to data recently reported by the Russian Grain Union, in December 2013, Russian companies produced record ever volume of compound feed - 1.965 million tons. This is by 4% higher the previous record that has been achieved in October of 2013 of 1,904 million tons.

Also according to the report most notably, compared to last year the production of compound feed for pigs – rose by 9.3% to 680.3 thousand tons, while production of feed for poultry rose by 1.1%  year-on-year comparison to 1089.4 thousand tons. The volume of production for cattle feed rose by 2.9% on year-on-year comparison to 188.5 thousand tons.

Feed production has been growing in all federal districts of the country, except of the Far East Federal District. In Central Federal District the growth rate was amounted 3.1 %, in North-West Federal district - 3.1%, in the South Federal District - 10.0%, in the North Caucasus Federal District - 3.9%, in Volga Federal District - 7.7%, in the Urals Federal District - 0.7%, in Siberian Federal District – 3.4%.

The Belgorod region, which remains the leader in terms of animal feed production in Russia produced 362.3 thousand tons of feed in December  2013 which is by 7.7% higher the level of the same month of 2012.

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