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April issue of AllAboutFeed magazine now online

The April issue of AllAboutFeed is now available online. This issue discusses nutrigenomics, enzymes and takes you on a short tour of the NIR landscape.

The use of NIR analysis for feed started in earnest in the late nineteen eighties, allowing a quick assessment of essential measurement parameters such as protein and moisture. Since then, the techniques have advanced. Richard Mills from the company FOSS in Denmark takes the reader on a short tour and explains the background and future perspectives of NIR analysis of feed samples.

In the second (and last) part of the series on Biomin's mycotoxin survey we have a closer look at the incidence of mycotoxins in different feed commodities. African corn samples for example showed the highest incidence of most of the mycotoxins compared to corn samples from all other regions. The authors want to highlight that mycotoxin presence varies greatly among regions and type of commodities. They address that Implementing an effective mycotoxin risk management program remains key.

In the April issue we also take a glimpse at the emerging discipline, known as nutrigenomics. This science shows promise for improving animal health and production. But can we already profit from this new tool? According to Kelly Swanson, professor at the University of Illinois, nutrigenomics seem to be taking off in the last few years, but still mainly used for research and by large companies. Karl

Dawson from Alltech said that it is unlikely that daily monitoring of gene profiles in production livestock will ever be a common practice or cost effective but addresses these technologies have already proven their value in the development of novel feeding strategies.

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  • KR Mr Hall

    online version is very welcome

  • S. H. None Luwongo

    I acknowledge for availing information on the incidences of mycotoxins in African region. Much as it adversely affects our health status I 'm appealing that efforts should be made to create awareness to our communities particularly on how we can minimize their occurance.

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