Reserve your space: Special edition on mycotoxins

05-07-2019 | |
Photo: Emmy Koeleman
Photo: Emmy Koeleman

All About Feed is publishing a special magazine on combatting mycotoxins in farm animals. This issue will be published in October 2019.

From 14-16 October 2019, the 11th World Mycotoxin Forum – WMFmeetsIUPAC – will take place in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Misset, publisher of All About Feed, Pig Progress, Dairy Global and Poultry World is the official media partner. In January, the World Mycotoxin Forum will host its first edition in Asia – WMFmeetsAsia.

Valuable and useful source of information

The mycotoxin special will be distributed during the events and afterwards to the readers of All About Feed and its sister publications Pig Progress, Poultry World and Dairy Global. A mega exposure of over 60,000 readers and an unique opportunity for companies to tell their story and vision on how to tackle mycotoxins in animal feed. In this special, we offer sponsors (commercial companies), experts, consultants, researchers and other independent authorities the opportunity to show their expertise on this subject. Together with recent data, research and solutions they will make this mycotoxin special a valuable and useful source of information.

Topics covered

  • Strategies for mycotoxin elimination
  • Effects/damage of mycotoxin in livestock and fish
  • Novel feed ingredients to target mycotoxins
  • How to test: mycotoxin detection methods
  • Mycotoxin management at farm level
  • Risk management of mycotoxins

Print and online exposure

This special edition will be sent out as a separate magazine with the regular magazine (print and digital) All About Feed, Pig Progress, Poultry World and Dairy Global. This means a total circulation of over 60,000. All the articles will also be published online and highlighted in the email newsletters.

The mycotoxin special edition will be published in October 2019. The deadline is approaching and we have a few spots left! For more information on advertisement and sponsored articles for this issue, please contact us at

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor