All-natural feed supplement for pigs

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All-natural feed supplement for pigs
All-natural feed supplement for pigs

Varied Industries Corporation (Vi-cor) is a world leading manufacturer of refined functional carbohydrates (RFC). Vi-cor has launched Pilot all-natural feed supplement for Swine.

The four key features of RFC include:
1.    Modulating the gut environment as a prebiotic,
2.    Enhancing the immune system to both prevent and control disease,
3.    Binding mycotoxins to prevent their negative impact, and
4.    Improving nutrient digestibility.

Including RFC’s in feed results in a powerful all-natural solution to improving performance and health. Vi-cor is a passionate and progressive biotechnology company with proven scientific advances.

Vi-cor has operated with an out-sourced marketing business model in the swine industry for the past 5-6 years. It have had a relationship with NutriQuest (a.k.a. Vast) where they marketed products under the trade name Cel-Can (including Cel-Can X9 and Cel-Mos). Vi-Cor is the developer and manufacturer of these products. 

Vi-cor is re-branding these products.The new brand name is Pilot and will no longer be marketing products through NutriQuest.
Mark Holt, president is excited about the significant growth of thrbusiness. “Earlier this year, Scott Webster, vice president swine division, joined the Vi-cor family to head up this area. Scott brings years of extraordinary swine industry and technical experience to our team.”

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