Friday Feed Update: What did you miss?

Friday Feed Update: What did you miss? Photo: Dreamstime
Friday Feed Update: What did you miss? Photo: Dreamstime

It is Friday again and time for All About Feed’s wrap up of the latest developments and business updates from the global animal feed industry. With this overview you will quickly be updated again on what happened over the last week.

ADM to Acquire Gleadell Agriculture Ltd and Dunns Ltd

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) has signed an agreement to purchase the remaining 50% stake of Gleadell Agriculture Ltd., currently jointly owned by ADM and InVivo, including Gleadell’s wholly owned subsidiary Dunns (Long Sutton) Ltd. ADM will merge Gleadell and Dunns with ADM Arkady, ADM’s UK destination marketing business, and ADM Direct UK, ADM’s specialist combinable crop origination business to create ADM Agriculture Ltd, thus strengthening ADM’s presence across the UK. The deal, which is subject to regulatory review, is expected to close during the first quarter of 2019.

New way of measuring heat stress

Heat stress is responsible for the oxidative stress, a rupture of the oxidative balance which provokes irreversible consequences on the health and the performances of farm animals. Animal nutrition company Nor-Feed has therefore launched ‘Stop Heat’, a mobile application that evaluates the level of heat stress in farm animals and proposes the best strategies in terms of livestock management, nutrition and antioxidant intake. The mobile application is available on iOS and Android.

Balchem increases price choline chloride

Balchem Corporation announced that it will increase the price of animal feed and industrial grades of Choline Chloride in North America by $ 0.025/lb ($ 50/ton). Prices for Choline Chloride in Europe will increase by € 0.048/kg (€ 48/mt). These prices will become effective from January 1, 2019, or as contract terms permit. This increase is driven by the continuing escalation of operating costs. Customers should contact their Balchem Sales Representative for more details.

GMP+ International will restructure the entire GMP+ Feed Certification scheme

GMP+ International will redesign the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme by launching #ProjectGMP+2020. The structure of the scheme will be simplified with completely rewritten standards, intended for both GMP+ certified companies and Certification Bodies. The scheme will be aligned with internationally accepted standards like ISO 22000 which will make the GMP+ Feed Certification easier to implement. A more detailed planning of the project will be released early 2019. The project will be finished by 2020.

Sow product for better colostrum impact

British agri-technology company Devenish has launched ColfaPig, a mix of encapsulated short and medium chain fatty acids, that has shown benefits on colostrum quality in sows and piglet performance. According to research, the product delivers a 500g increase in piglet weaning weight, stretching to 800g by 10 weeks of age. This extra weight has led to an increase in piglet viability of 5%, or half a pig per sow.

Joint venture Swinco and Zarkos-Smith

Netherlands-based animal nutrition company Swinco and UK-based pig nutrition company Zarkos-Smith, have strengthened their cooperation and have entered into a joint venture. The companies have been working together since 2009, which resulted in growth both in the UK and internationally. Zarkos-Smith continues to operate under the current name and occupation in the United Kingdom, with Swinco’s Daan Somers strengthening the British team.

Yora introduces dog food with insects

UK start-up company Yora has launched the first dog food with insects in the UK. Insects provide a relatively high 40% of the protein in the new product from Yora. They are dried and ground with oats, potato and “natural botanicals”. The current version comes in the form of dried pellets, although Yora says it hopes to launch a “wet” version later in the year. The insects in Yora’s dog food are the larvae of black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) which are reared by Protix in the Netherlands.

IVS Dosing Technology joines Triott-Group

IVS Dosing Technology from Veghel, the Netherlands, has joined the Triott Group. IVS is well known for the development of sustainable and innovative customised solutions in the field of dosing systems for liquids and steam in the compound feedstuffs industry. Triott Group is the parent company of Ottevanger Milling Engineers, Wynveen International, Inteqnion, TSC, Almex, PCE and PTN.

The IVS management, conducted by Frank Dielissen and Hans den Otter, sees opportunities to let the IVS business develop further and to enlarge their market in cooperation with the other Triott Group business units. For the Triott Group it means an addition of the 9th successful business unit. This means the Group can offer a wider and more complete range of products. The management of IVS will be continued by Frank Dielissen and Hans den Otter.

Alltech launches pilot to control feed waste

With feed the single biggest cost for most dairy businesses, Alltech is launching a new pilot study to assess the total level of feed waste on-farm, which experts believe could total as much as 45%. The study will hone-in on the 4 key areas of opportunity where feed waste can occur, measuring a variety of different critical control points at each stage. The pilot study will be undertaken on a range of dairy farms in the UK varying in size and system, with the results released in February 2019 at the Dairy Tech event in the UK.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor