New Brazilian feed formulation tables

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New Brazilian feed formulation tables. RBI
New Brazilian feed formulation tables. RBI

The Federal University of Viçosa (UFV-MG) in Brazil has launched a new edition of the ‘Brazilian Tables for Poultry and Swine,’ which is considered one of the most important references in the formulation of feed for the global agribusiness industry.

This is the fourth edition of the material, which was presented during the IV International Symposium on Nutritional Requirements of Poultry and Swine on March 29 and 30 at the Federal University of Viçosa.

The new edition verifies, through several studies using Alltech products, the efficiency of organic minerals in the supplementation of monogastric animals. The research monitored the inclusion of organic minerals in the diets of pigs between 66.1 pounds and 110.2 pounds, and in chickens during the growth period. These analyses indicated that the levels of organic minerals required for animal performance are 33% to 50% lower than that of inorganic trace minerals.

These levels can change according to the species and animal purpose, whether for production or reproduction. This is due to the bioavailability of the microminerals, which facilitate the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract and can therefore aid in weight gain and feed efficiency in animals.

Other advantages of organic mineral supplementation are reduced impact on the environment and a greater return to the consumer.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor